Sell your Business with Precision Exit

We help your business achieve its maximum value

Selling can be complex, time consuming and confusing, and never mind running it at the same time.  And with all the effort of building the business, you will want a fair company valuation as well as ensuring your legacy.

We specialise in selling small and medium sized businesses and our aim is to ensure you make the right decisions at the right time.

Typically we work on transactions within a £1m to £30m turnover range, and all engagements are director led with a contingent fee model that incentivises success.

Our directors provide extensive advice and guidance throughout the entire business sale, while our online marketplace reduces time-consuming tasks of uploading company documents, creating documentation, preparing your business sales pack and scheduling meetings with potential buyers.

​In order to achieve the greatest impact, we encourage you to engage as early as possible, and as a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A directors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into your business.

Our Precision Exit delivers multiple offers in 90 days or less.

To speed up the process of selling a business, our first-in-class process prepares owner managers to successfully achieve their exit at maximum value​.

  • We are an award-winning team with 20+ years trading history.
  • Our primary target market is SMEs with transaction values between £1m-20m.
  • We are powered by bespoke technology to provide greater levels of client service.
  • Our platform manages transactions -  focuses buyer & seller on completing the transaction.
  • Work with our established brand and award-winning team to complete quickly.

Our Precision Exit™ process is fast, friendly and simple.

A.  Prepare

In the Prepare phase, we mentor the owner(s) and help them answer critically important questions, that focuses the rest of the sales process around the owner’s needs.

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your company value?
  • Why would someone buy your company?
  • What are your Unique Selling Points?

Delivered Outcomes

  • Your Information Memorandum
  • Your Buyer Shortlist (top 10 potential buyers)
  • Your Market Research (why / who / what)
  • Your Company Valuation Report (Target Price)
  • Your Sale Roadmap (a project plan)

B.  Market

In the Market phase we review the business using our exclusive 360 Company Report to focus on the critical business areas that will affect valuation.

  • Is the business ready for exit?
  • Can the company continue without you?
  • What does your customer base look like?
  • Who are your strategic buyers?

Delivered Outcomes

  • Your 360 Company Report
  • Your Company listed on our platform
  • Your Management Presentations
  • Your Objection Handling Dossier
  • Multiple Preliminary Buyer Meetings

C.  Complete

The Complete phase brings together all the previous discovery and preparatory work with the target outcome of having completed preliminary due diligence and received offers from multiple buyers and moving to closure.

  • Does the offer meet your goals?
  • Is your legacy protected?
  • Identify and resolve all Risks & Blockers.

    Delivered Outcomes

    • Preliminary Due Diligence
    • Multiple Buy Offers (Letter of Intents)

How we find a buyer for you business

Business people sitting at corporate meeting
number 1

Our M&A directors will discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into your business.

number 2

Our M&A Advisory Team maintain an extensive network of contacts and our online marketplace has many registered buyers searching for opportunities. 

number 3

Our M&A team use advanced data platforms to perform target identification, research, screening and engagement to manage your acquisition.

What’s next for my business?

As a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our digital M&A platform and gain an insight into your business.