Automated Business Strategy: Introducing the Business Plan AI Advisory Copilot

Sep 19, 2023 1:08:56 PM | business advisory Automated Business Strategy: Introducing the Business Plan AI Advisory Copilot

Use our Advisory Copilot to quickly create business plans for you clients.

Our customers consistently express the challenges they face when creating business plans for clients. The daunting sight of a blank page at the outset and the inconsistency in the appearance and structure of business plans are recurring concerns.

We recognised that our software platform could address these issues.  And by integrating generative AI with client-specific background information, our platform automates the production of a business plan.

By enhancing and standardising the traditional approach to drafting a business plan, our Advisory Copilot enables, "Automated Business Strategy".

A context for every client - intuitive data ingestion

Gone are the days of tedious manual data review, with our Advisory Copilot simplifying the data-gathering process.  The Advisory Copilot learns about the client from a combination of company data uploaded into a Virtual Data Room and a company background questionnaire. By rooting the AI’s capabilities in validated client data, the platform ensures both the relevance and accuracy of the final output.

Structured and Streamlined Output

After the company data ingestion, the Advisory Copilot creates a comprehensive business plan that can be exported into an advisor branded Word document,  ready for a final review, and after some minor tweaks, presented to your client.

More than Just a Plan

We have added a feature to create multiple versions of the business plan, tailored to specific use cases. For example, an Executive Summary can be created for regular client reporting or for presenting to an investor. Plus, with the platforms Secure Chat GPT interface, both the client data and business plan can be queried for deeper insights as requried.

Business Plan Advisory CopilotDemo: Our AI Copilot

Reimagining Business Strategy

A significant pain point with traditional business plans is their static nature. Often crafted once a year or exclusively for investors, they soon become obsolete. By using the AI Advisory Copilot combined with the real-time virtual data room, businesses can now keep their business plan relevant, revisiting and refining their plans in sync as the business grows and changes, with new updated plans automatically updated every week, month, and quarter.

Not just Business Plans Reimagined

By marrying the generative capability of Chat GPT-4 with actual client data, our software platform begins to redefine how we create advisory documents, including business plans, information memorandums, due diligence reports and virtually any other regularly produced document or report.

Why not book a demo to discuss your specific requirements for automation using Generative AI.  And if we don't support your specific use case now - we can quickly build your existing workflow, document or report into our software platform.

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Written By: James Ruthven

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