Management Buy Out

When buying a company as a management buyout candidate you will need advice to get the structure and investment right for you and your team.

It is also essential in an MBO that you have access to the right Venture Capitalists and present the opportunity that investors are used to seeing MBO opportunities.

The vendor's advisor will be aiming for the maximum possible price and investors to maximise their funds return. It is your advisor's job to manage these factors to ensure that you receive the maximum possible equity stake in your MBO.

Buying a company whether it is through MBO (management buyout) or VIMBO (vendor-initiated management buyout) requires excellent advice at key stages throughout the process, control of information and detailed financial modelling as well as contacts with the top venture capitalist investors across the world.

We've been helping management buyout teams get the best deal for years. It is essential in an MBO process that you have excellent advice, preparation, and connections.

We offer advice on all the following stages of an MBO process: 
  • Support in writing an appropriate business plan

  • Technical modelling support to fully understand VC returns

  • Advice on VC (Venture Capitalist) presentations

  • Managing the data flow and advisors during due diligence

  • Negotiating the best equity stake and Managing Venture Capitalist offers

  • Negotiating the best price with vendors

  • Selecting a legal team

  • Managing legal completion.

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The best advice, structured to suit you

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Our M&A directors will discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into business you wish to acquire.

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Our M&A Advisory Team maintain an extensive network of contacts and our online marketplace has many registered venture capitalist searching for MBO opportunities to support. 

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Our M&A team use advanced data platforms to perform VC/PE identification, research, screening and engagement to manage your acquisition.

Start your MBO or VIMBO journey

As a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our digital M&A platform and gain an insight into your business.