Buyer Research

Our Buyer Research Service helps with target identification, research, screening, engagement and acquisition.

We offer both Buyer Target Reports and Buy Side Execution Services, that include. 

  • Target Identification & Research and M&A Strategy Consultancy

  • Target Acquisitions Report including Company Valuation Estimates

  • 1-1 initial Interviews Client & Weekly Coordination Meetings

  • Feed from Global Company Research Databases & Precision.Market™

  • Target Screening & Engagement Services and Target Acquisition Advisory Services

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How we find your target

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Our M&A directors will discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into your target market(s).

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Our M&A Advisory Team maintain an extensive network of contacts and our online marketplace has many registered owners searching for opportunities. 

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Our M&A team use advanced data platforms to perform target identification, research, screening and engagement to manage your acquisition.

We help your business achieve its maximum value

360 Buyer Report

Our 360 Company Report provides an overview of the target sector, market analysis, key companies, and potential targets with strategic fit.

360 Buyer Execution

Our 360 Buyer Execution Service helps you deliver the key findings from the report, market analysis, M&A consultancy, price negotiation, manage due diligence, help select a legal team and manage legal completion.

Buy Side Ressearch

Help me find a target

As a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our digital M&A platform and gain an insight into your business and your target market.