Business Growth

When your company is growing it inevitably brings pressure to bear on existing infrastructure, human resources, and business finance. Whether it is growth via acquisition or organic growth, we can help you manage the process and even raise the funds needed for a successful transition.

We provide expertise in helping clients to grow their business and is experienced in delivering successful growth programs across industries.The potential value of the company is usually best unlocked through an external consultant who will provide advice objectively and help to deliver the client’s overall aims, including to facilitate the strategic sale of the business. 

One of our M&A Directors will discuss your aims and ambitions, review your current business and market position, and deliver a plan for change that will enable you to meet your goals. Depending on the need and if appropriate this is followed up with a readiness assessment which will help prepare the business for the program and rectify any potential issues early. 

If the assessment proves a longer-term approach is necessary, further market research into the industry will be shared and will assess what type of asset is of strategic importance to the market. Based on a foundation of the findings and periodic follow up market assessments, Precision works directly with the client business, including in a non-executive capacity, to help secure growth of the business.

​​Growth almost always puts cash flow under pressure, but it may also require significant capital investment. We have well established relationships with Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Houses as well as smaller deal specialists who understand the national and international bank lending criteria and leasing house processes.  Whether you need £500,000 or £50,000,000 we have the expertise to help you raise the funds you need to grow your company.

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We have helped many clients plan for change for the following reasons:

  • Exit strategy planning

  • Acquisition integration

  • Moving site or acquiring new sites

  • Incorporating a new product stream or business line

  • Structuring or hiring management teams

  • Sourcing, financing and installing new plant

  • Writing new Business Plans

  • Fundraising

How we help your business grow

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Our M&A directors will discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into your business.

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Next our M&A Advisory Team will complete a 360 Company Report to establish gaps and issues within the company that may be impacting company growth and valuation. 

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Our M&A Advisory Team maintain an extensive network of contacts and our online marketplace has many registered buyers searching for opportunities. 

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We help your business achieve its maximum value

Company Valuation Report

Our Company Valuation report helps determine the present value of your company and includes industry benchmarking, and comparable valuation against your peers, to support your company’s future strategy, around growth, acquisition, transformation and potentially exit planning.

360 Company Report

Our 360 Company Report builds on our Company Valuation Reports to focus on areas within the business that can be improved and that directly lead to an increase in the Company Valuation.

360 Company Execution

Our 360 Company Execution Service helps you deliver the key findings from the report, to maximise your companies valuation.  

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What’s next for my business?

As a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our digital M&A platform and gain an insight into your business.